The following rules and regulations will be strictly applied and followed in the Totsville Indoor Playground to ensure complete safety of the children and avoid damage to any property:

  1. Covid-19 Precaution steps taken: Temperature upon entry, Face Mask for anyone over 5 years old, sanitization stations through out the facility, deep cleaning before every party and private play.
  2. In the sandbox, all kids need to be accompanied by an adult.
  3. Shoes are not allowed past the lobby area. Dirty shoes in the play area can make the floor dirty, causing dirty floors, socks, and feet.
  4. Everyone in the facility must be wearing socks to enter. This will limit the amount of outdoor substances being brought inside. Guests can bring their own clean socks, but just in case we also sell new socks at $2.25 per pair for customer convenience. We maintain a high sanitary level to prevent spread of bacteria.
  5. Toddler area is restricted to kids under 44 inches. Only adults are allowed in the ball pit with infants.
  6. Food and drinks are strictly prohibited in the play area. Food and drinks can pose a potential hazard in the play area. Often, kids will spill things or leave their food behind, which can cause injury if another child steps in it. We provide snacks and beverages inside which are specially selected to keep the mess to the minimum. This will prevent any external and potentially dangerous food borne pathogens entering our facility.
  7. Parents cannot change their babies’ diapers in the play area. The restrooms offer a clean and dedicated environment to change a diaper.
  8. Although we provide 24/7 vigilant surveillance of the entire play area, we strongly encourage parents to remain with their children at all times, and accompany children in their care to the bathroom as well.

Rules of Play for Children

In the play areas, please:

  • Take off your socks when entering the sand box.
  • No shoes or socks permitted in the sandbox area
  • Please keep all sand toys in sandbox only
  • Please keep other toys from the playspace out of the sandbox.
  • No throwing or eating sand.
  • Keep in your age group’s area.
  • Take your shoes off but leave your socks on.
  • Leave your food and drinks at your table.
  • Remove your jewlery and any sharp objects
  • Make sure your pockets are empty.
  • Keep off the playground netting.
  • Make sure to cover your arms and legs when going down the slide.
  • Go down the slides feet-first.
  • Be aware of the children around you and act kind.
  • Any children behaving disruptevly and/or not following the rules will not be allowed to play.
  • If you have any problems, please tell a playworker.
  • Have fun and explore!

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